Family Coaching
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Family Coaching.

You are not ‘Bad’ Parents. Your child is not Broken…Only misunderstood!

As Dr Ned Hallowell says ‘ADHDers have turbo charged minds – like a Ferrari engine, but the brakes of a bicycle!

Children with ADHD need scaffolding and support systems that extend into every area of their lives. That’s why we call it Family Coaching.
We cannot help just one piece of the family and expect the child to flourish; we work with the whole family.

Your parental intuition is to “fix” it, but you can’t!

Success and being enough is all about how we make our kids feel.

As parents you will have the single biggest impact on your child’s development with or without ADHD.
The earlier you invest in your own knowledge, the more likely it will be that your child obtains the best ability to find their way to manage, accept, and embrace their unique brain wiring. That’s precisely how they will thrive!

You hold the vision for your children to become independent, confident and believe in themselves.

Family coaching combines education and individualised coaching to help your family feel balanced, happy and successful.

We will get to know;

  • How your child’s unique brain work.
  • How they see the world.
  • Insight into their learning and processing styles.
  • Understand and evaluate their  Executive Function strengths and weaknesses.
  • What activates their brain.
  • Where their strengths and interests lie.
  • How they connect with others.
  • How they regulate their impulses and emotions.

Unfortunately, children don’t come with an owner’s manual and if they did, children with ADHD would need a different set of instructions.

Through coaching, parents acquire the skills to:

  • New communication styles that work for the ADHD brain
  • Provide tools to improve the Family Dynamic
  • New perspectives about your ADHD child that lead to compassion, understanding and growth
  • Create routines that work
  • Encouragement to  “fail forward” and embrace a growth mindset
  • Support for self-care
  • Discover healthy lifestyle habits that reduce ADHD symptoms
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Build a beautiful relationship with your child

And much, much more…

‘Stop worrying and start managing..’