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Paying far too much attention to the wrong things?
A constant fog in your mind?
Feeling Broken and defective?
Paralysed by indecision?
Exhausted with your unfiltered brain that won’t shut off?

No matter how discouraged, confused, or frustrated you feel, you already have everything you need within you.

What is ADHD Coaching?

The Pause

A conscious slowing down to your 100 miles an hour ADHD Brain, a space-maker between stimulus and response.

Giving permission to yourself, to wonder and to look at yourself and the world more objectively and rationally.

Self-Care/Safe Space/Me Time/Clarity/…

Strategic sound-boarding.

Who listens, hears and questions from an ADHD Lens without an agenda and without judgement.


The Scaffolding.

Coaching is to people as scaffolding is to a building construction.
We assemble the steps together to reach to your goals, gain new perspectives with every level while maintaining the perfect balance, pausing to go through the risk assessments and the safety.

Support/Learning/Strategies/Systems/Problem Solving/Time management/Obstacles/Safety…..

The Bridge.

Builds a bridge between biology and behaviour.
It narrows the gap between ability and performance.
Find ways for safe passage where previously was not possible or much more difficult.

Strengths/Values/Self-Awareness/Future Goals/ Possibilities


Hi! My name is Sibel. I am a Certified ADHD Coach for Adults
and Parents.

Guiding ADD/ADHD (diagnosed or suspecting) Adults, Teens & Adolescents and Families throughout their journey to learn, understand and work with their or their loved one’s unique brain wiring..

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What My Clients Say